May 09

Do You Love Sales

Do You Love Sales Or Not-

You are having a wonderful breakfast with your family and suddenly the doorbell rings. You are not expecting anyone so early. Then suddenly, you feel very hesitant at opening that door. You find yourself wishing it is not a SALESPERSON.

We have all gone through this.

The amount of times we have been sold all sort of stuff, has made us act a little awkward towards salesperson or sales. Like we don’t want to be around them very long, right?

Myself I have for a very long time, been trying to avoid any type of selling. I didn’t want to annoy anyone with anything, because I wanted to be seen as a good person. But I noticed that sales were always coming back as a boomerang to me; I guess trying to teach me the truth.

I now have learned my lesson and accepted the truth and I’m happy to share it with you. Please do not dismiss it and try to convince yourself that you will be able to run your business otherwise.

The truth is without sales there is no business.  Look everywhere. Every business has to have a revenue, and that is done through sales. No business can exist without it, for as much as I know. I would love to proved wrong though, but it’s just not going to happen.

Therefore if you are building a business, you should learn to love sales. Because sales will be the lifeblood of your business.

Got past that one?

I know it may take some time, but really think about it a lot, ok? You will find, there is no way you can remove sales from the business.

Now I am going to share a formula with you. It is a formula that every business uses to evaluate where they have to focus. You will get it more after I share it.

Here we go:

Leads X % conversion X dollars spent per customer X number of times each customer buys = revenue.

This is not really a formula to calculate revenue. It is as I said a method to highlight an area of focus.

When you look at your business using this formula, you will easily see what can be worked on  some more.

For example:

Let’s say you have a product that is selling at 27$ and you want to make 1000$ a month.

By putting those numbers into the equation you can get a clearer picture of what you want to do.

Leads X % conversion  X dollars spent per customer (27) X No of times they buy ( assume it’s one ) = Revenue(1000)

By doing some math, you will find that,

Leads X % conversion =  37

If you assume ( we always start with assumption that we test ) you will get a 10% conversion rate you will know how much leads you would need to hit your numbers. In this case it is approximately 370. Therefore that would be the number of people you would need to visit your website, or opt-in to your mailing list, depending on what type of offers you have.

That is only one way you can play with this formula to set your goals and stay focused.

Sales is the game, and can be a fun game if you decide it to be. Take the challenge, play with formula and enjoy.

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May 02

How To Become A Good Content Marketer

Become A Content Creating Machine

If longevity in business is your goal, then content marketing is your vehicle.

We undoubtedly are living in the information age. Which means, information is the resource everybody is striving for.

If you place yourself as a provider of valuable information, people will automatically gravitate towards you.

How do you get paid?

Content marketing, in a nutshell, is the selling of products – physical or digital – or services using valuable information as an attention grabber ( otherwise called advertisement.) This strategy is being used because of the fact that generally speaking, people are very skeptical about salespeople. On the other side, people love to be recommended things.

The best example is me. I never buy a book that has not been recommended by someone I trust, online or offline.

How to make it work?

As with any business strategy, content marketing has a format or process that has been tested and is proven to work. It is a simple process which only needs constant application for it to work.

Build trust.

Building trust takes time and dedication. When you are building a blog and starting to populate it with content, you cannot expect results overnight. You must show people that you are here to stay. There are so much ephemeral stuff on the internet nowadays, as well as so many scams. Show your audience that it is your intention to be there for them for a long time.

Become the go to expert of your audience. 

As you will start to attract more people to your blog by adding value, you will create an audience. The more consistent and value giving you will be, the more faithful they will become. They will literally become fans and will hang on to your lips for every one of your recommendations.

Continue to add value.

However successful you become, always remember that it will be because of your audience.

Therefore, never neglect them. Always be the one adding value to their lives.

Remember, consistency is key.

You have a responsibility to your audience. Once they start to see you regularly, they will start to expect to see you regularly. Therefore your job is to show up and add value.

Yes, the secret is to show up and be your best, each time.

I know it can be extremely difficult at times. But you must know what it is you really want. You are building a business right, not a hobby. Therefore show up and do the work. That’s the only way to make content marketing work. It is a long term strategy, that will bear its fruits for years to come.

The best thing is, as you will get into the habit of creating content, it will become second nature and quite effortless. If you are finding it difficult, it means you are just at the start. So keep on moving. You will get there.

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Apr 29

What Is Your Niche

What Is Your Niche-

It might seem logical to think that the broader  your niche is, the more people you will reach. It unfortunately doesn’t work that way.  The less specific you are, the less your message will impact your audience. In fact, you won’t have an audience, at least not a faithful one.

I understand also that it can be hard to define a niche and not drift off.  But there is way you can, and it is by knowing yourself more.

Your best niche is the one you are in yourself.

Of course not all niches may be profitable online.

You have your passions and interests. Everybody has. There are certainly some things you can talk about for hours which feel like minutes.

Write down between three and five of your interests and passions. There are certainly one or several of those you could write about while making a profit out of it.

More on niche research here.

Be yourself.

Many people find writing difficult. The truth is that it is; if your intention is to write prose like screenplays like Shakespeare.

The truth also is, writing a blog post is exactly like talking to a friend. Always write in a conversational way. People will engage more in your content as they will get that feeling you are talking to them. Talking is not that hard, right?

Don’t try to use 10 dollar words you wouldn’t use in real conversations, just to try to impress your readers. It’s never a good idea to detach from them that way.

What you want to find are your true fans, not please everybody. You do that by being yourself.

I am sure you would find the article 1000 true fans by Kevin Kelly very insightful.

Jargon is ok but…

You can definitely use jargon and acronyms in your writing as people in your niche are already familiar to them. However, you should consider that there may be some newbies out there reading your articles and wondering what ARTF means considering a quadcopter for example. Always explain the jargon or acronym.

If you use too many jargon and acronyms, some readers may feel excluded, while all they want is to learn more and become as knowledgeable as you are.

Show that you have consideration for those who are new and that you are willing to educate them. That’s creating a faithful audience.

To wrap up.

Be specific to your niche

Write about what interests you most.

Be yourself

Use jargon and acronyms appropriately.


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Apr 27

Embracing Mediocrity

I never took writing classes. I have never been more than average in English. I am here writing on my blog anyway.

I have had my doubts, my concerns about what people would think. I lacked self-confidence about my writing skills, and didn’t know if I had enough to share. I am here writing on my blog anyway.

It can be very intimidating, when seeing all those wonderful blogs and articles all over the Web.  Those 15 to 20 pages long monologues which are filled with wonderfully constructed sentences and packed with so much helpful information. I obviously thought for some time I was not good enough.  I thought I had to rise up to their level prior to my start.  But that is impossible. I cannot become as good if I don’t start. That is why I am here writing on my blog anyway.

Are there rules to this game? Is there an elite club to which I don’t belong to? I don’t know.

All I know is that I am here writing on my blog anyway.

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Apr 25

Balancing Your Life

Balance Your Life

I know it is not easy to let go of work and spend some time with the family. I’ve made those mistakes with my previous failed businesses. I was working every minute and in retrospect, I now recognize it was all unproductive work. It was all just to make me feel busy – to give me the illusion I was moving forward while I was not at all.

My daughter is nearly two years old now, and is very active. She is learning new things everyday, and she amazes me everyday. Every moment with her is too precious to overlook. Therefore I decided, while still building my business, writing my blog with all the bits and pieces that go with it, I would dedicate One Hour of my time each day solely to my daughter. It is written in my calendar and I take that very very seriously. It was as if my boss told me to do that, as I shared in the article what to do when you don’t feel like working.

Obviously I spend more time each day with her, but I found that taking that hour fully for her just enhanced my level of presence with her.

A sense of accomplishment.

Allowing myself to take one whole hour off the work was not an easy thing for me to do. For that I had to always have accomplished something prior to that. The sense of accomplishment then allowed me to reward myself with a break with my  daughter.

The accomplishment can be great or small. The important thing here is to feel the sense of accomplishment. The feeling that this thing I did could be all I did that day and I would still feel good.

Plan your week by putting tasks that will give you this sense of accomplishment each day.

Believe me, your business will only move forward while you will be enjoying the ride. There is no need for stress and anxiety and all that negative stuff.

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Apr 22

How To Turn Hard Work Into Easy Work

 How To Make Hard Work Easy

Many successful people will tell you that hard work is the recipe for success. The same ones will also tell you to work smart and don’t work hard. This really confused me at start.

I also know myself and I know I am the lazy kind. Just the idea of doing something hard shuts me off. I also knew I wanted to be successful in business. Therefore, I had to find a way to get the job done and get past my laziness.

What I’m about to share with you today is the thinking process I used to turn hard work into easy work. First I started to think about…

What they meant when saying hard work and smart work.

After my study of numerous successful people – studying their actions – I discovered they did not work hard. At least not the way hard was feeling to me. They merely knew what actions they should take and did them on a consistent basis until it became habit.

It may have felt hard for them also at start but when something becomes habit it is literally a second nature and is done without effort. More on habit creation here.

What about working smart, then?

It is simple. If you are working on an hourly wage, you are working hard. If you are building a business, you are working smart.

The truth is, when you are paid per hour, you do not have any leverage on your income. You will always need to work more to earn more. If that is not hard work I don’t know what is.

Successful people on the other side have understood that in order to leverage their income, they should spend their time building assets. As Robert Kiyosaki explains so well, an asset is something that brings money into your pocket.

Having a blog, which adds value to your readers with affiliate links is an asset. Having your own products is an asset. An email list is an asset.

If you are doing some or most of them, great! You are on the right track. If you are not or have no clue to how to create all of these, shoot me an email at

For some, however, all of this may seem like a lot of work and feel hard. This is how I was feeling myself until…

When I realized I was already working hard.

When I looked at my life, I realized I had been working hard ever since I can remember. I worked hard at school and after school. I did it because I had to. I have had several jobs and always did my best in each of them. But the reality was that I was working hard. For example I once was working in the laundry room of a small hotel. I had to go and fetch all the towels and the sheets in every used room. Put them in the washing machine, then the dryer, fold them and hand them to the maids who would place them back in the rooms.

I actually felt how hard it was during the first week or so. Then, my body got used to it and I just did it. This did not change the fact that I was doing hard work.

If you look at your life, I am sure you will also find how many times you got used to do real hard work.

From now on, each time you feel  what you have do for your business is hard, just remember the times when you did really hard work. The difference will be obvious and the feeling of it being hard will subside.

Hard is a state of mind.

I started to practice Capoeira two years ago. The more I train the more I love it.  I very regularly suffer from soreness, but I know it means I am getting stronger.

What happened is that because I loved to train and loved Capoeira, I could train hard without the feeling of it being hard.

My point is, if you can remove the feeling of it being hard from the equation, you will do hard work without effort. You do that by doing what you love.

If you love writing articles, you will do it without effort.

If you love building your business, you will do it without effort.

And always remember, when successful business persons are telling you to work hard, what they are really saying is, be consistent and stay consistent until you reach your goals. It isn’t really hard it only requires that you focus on your goals and implement all the actions laid out in your plan.

Work smart.

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Apr 20

7 Steps To A Successful Online Business

The Road Map To Online Success

There is a formula for online success that all successful internet marketers are using. The rest are only doing part of it and are struggling to achieve their financial goals.

After you learn about it, you may tell me that you already know this stuff. However the question is, are you applying it to your business or do you just know it to talk about it?

If you are already using this strategy, then congratulations because you are on the right track to achieve your financial goals. If not, then waiting longer will only delay your success.

Applying this strategy is the best thing you can do for your online business right now.

So let’s get started

Step 1 

Find a need or problem.

Instead of looking for a product and then try to find a market, you should first determine if people would buy the product. The question you should ask yourself is what can I come up with that people would want to buy.

The fact is people spend time and money online to find solutions to their problems. If you can provide that solution, then you will be successful.

Step 2  

Find or create a solution.

Once you have determined the problem, your job is to provide a solution. You may create one yourself like a video course, software or app. Or you could find a product that already exists and promote it to your target audience.

The first solution demands a lot of work and effort at first but pays off exponentially afterwards.

The second solution requires some research and then a good marketing plan in order to put your offer in front of as many of your prospective clients as possible.

If you are just starting with online marketing, I would suggest you find an already existing product. This will allow you to start making money while learning the basics of marketing. After getting your feet wet, you should consider creating your own product.

Step 3 

Set up a sales system.

Setting up a sales system can be complicated at first. However there is nothing that can’t be learned and applied, right?  You can learn more about sales funnels with this presentation from elite marketing pro by clicking here.

What you can do also if you choose to promote an existing product is to go through its sales funnel yourself and see how it works.

Step 4  

Give away free value.

Never try to sell something online at first contact with your target audience. It is a fact that people are skeptical and do not like salesperson. Therefore your goal should be to first gain their trust, provide value, and only then, offer a paid solution to their problems.

Your blog is the starting point of that process, your articles should be focused on your target audience, providing them value with each article. You can then give away a free Ebook answering one or more of their questions, or provide an email series that will do the same. The goal is to get their email address in order to create a relationship with them.

Step 5 

Provide the solution.

Right after getting their email address is the time where you can offer them the paid solution as they already have a level of trust at that point.

If most people don’t buy right away, it is not an issue. It just means they are not ready yet. That is why the next step is so important.

Step 6 

Follow up.

Following up with people who didn’t buy doesn’t mean pitching your product with every email you send to them. The only result you will get is a lot of unsubscribes.

What you should do is continue to add value by sending them links each time you publish a new blog post. This will really help building more trust in what you are offering. Eventually they will know you are a person of trust and value. This will remove the resistance to hand you their credit card number.

Step 7 

Make premium value offers

Those people who already know you and  already trust you are the ones that are going to follow you wherever you go. There are a lot of examples of internet gurus out there who have attained that level. Those people have followers who would be happy to pay big money to be near them.

You can achieve that too with your business. It may take some time to build that following and trust, but hey, that is the formula right? I never said you would become a millionaire overnight.

The premium offers could be, a paid membership to access more advanced training and access to a mastermind group. It can also be tickets for an event where people would get to meet each other, network and learn much more on their subject of interest.

There you are. The 7 steps to a successful internet business.

If all of this is going right over your head and you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry because you can get help. Just reach out to me at


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Apr 18

Entrepreneur V/S Wantrepreneur


Are you an entrepreneur? 

Some people are not meant to be entrepreneurs yet. I say yet because ultimately everyone has the potential to become an entrepreneur, but most do not have the mindset in place to go and build a business.

After this article you will understand some key differences between real entrepreneurs and wannabes or wantrepreneurs.


The term wantrepreneur  was coined by Noah Kagan – the founder of Appsumo, and defines a person who thinks he wants to become an entrepreneur but does not take the action.

This article will also give you some key areas where you can work on yourself and become the entrepreneur you truly desire to be.

A strong why.

An entrepreneur has a strong why. It means that he has a vision of his future and the impact he wants to make in the world. The why is always bigger than the person himself.

A wantrepreneur focuses on the need to make money.

A willingness to do the job without being paid – creating an asset not an income.

An entrepreneur knows that building a business means building an asset that will eventually provide for him/her and his/her family. Therefore an entrepreneur does not get stuck on not seeing results right away. As it is with building a house, you cannot live in it until you have built the roof for example.

A wantrepreneur wants to see results right away and in the case results are not happening will blame all sorts of things to justify that fact.

Committed to  goals v/s if it doesn’t work I quit.

When an entrepreneur sets a goal, he/she will be committed to it whatever happens along the way. An entrepreneur knows that a goal is not a wish but an intention. An entrepreneur will make as many mistakes as possible in the shortest time possible in order to find the right way of making it work.

A wantrepreneur wants the journey to be easy. As soon as some obstacle will appear, the wantrepreneur will have tedency to quit. Another trait of the wantrepreneur is the ” if I do not get results by some date then I’ll quit because others are getting results by that time.

You should understand that being an entrepreneur is not an easy journey but rather a thrilling one. If you are one who will not bare that fact, then you should reconsider your actions and maybe take another path.

But if you accept it is going to be this way, then be sure to have the necessary fuel to get you all the way.

That fuel is passion, vision and inspiration.

With that kind of fuel nothing will be stronger than you.

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To our Success 

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Apr 16

Why Facebook PPC Doesn’t Work


There are literally thousands of marketers out there using Facebook pay par click advertising to bring people to their offers. There is a reason for that and it is because it does work. Therefore the right question would be, why is it not working for you?

The fact is you cannot just throw ads on people’s news feeds and wish it to work. There is process you must use and failing to use it will lead to you handing out your hard earned money to Mark without getting anything back.

Would you like to learn this process? I am sure you do.

The process is quite easy to explain and it is as follows

  1. – Find an offer or product.
  2. – Find your audience
  3. – Don’t sell, give
  4. – Let them know you – Let them love you

Let’s now go deeper into each step, shall we?

Find an offer or product.

If you are reading this you, hopefully, already have this in place. You already have a product or service that you want promote. The fact is, if you have nothing to sell, you do not have a business.

However, if you don’t, I may have a solution for you below, so relax.

This is the first step, knowing what you want to sell and it leads to the second step which is to…

Find your audience.

Not everybody will buy from you. This is the truth. The true mark of a marketer is knowing this and looking for people who are craving for what you are selling. Yes those people exist and it’s your job to find them.

Before setting your audience you should be able to answer at least the following questions about your potential customers. Do not neglect this and try to fish the whole sea. You should find your perfect spot and work on that. There are the questions:

What age group are they?

What gender?

What problems are they facing?

How could your product or service solve that problem?

What are the other products they are already buying?

What are they interested in?

Where are they looking for solutions to their problems?

Eventually you will dive even deeper into the subject and perfectly know your ideal customer and know exactly how to serve them what they crave for.

Let’s get to the third step now…

Don’t sell them, give.

People hate to be sold and don’t like ads. What they like on the contrary is free stuff and solutions to their problem. Knowing this now, you should consider what you could give your ideal customer while still not losing them. That is, you want to get their email address.

Some things you could use as giveaways are:

An article answering one their burning questions.

A free report solving one of their problems.

An email series teaching then something new.

Do you get what I mean. You first contact with your prospect should be you adding value to their lives. People always shy away from salesperson. But adding value to your prospects lives let’s you open the door to their trust. However, we are not there yet.

Let them know you.

When you got the emails of your prospects you should now let them know who you are and what are your intentions. Of course do not just tell them I want to sell you this or that. What you want to tell them is that you are the one that will provide solutions to their problems by providing valuable information and back that up by suggesting products that will do the same.

You do not want to be seen by your prospects as someone who only gives stuff for free. That’s what I mean. They should see you as someone who is helping them and sometimes they have to pay to have more, and they should be ok with that because you are in business right?

Now that they know you the next step is…

Let them love you.

The more value you add to the marketplace, the more people will be attracted to you. Therefore your goal with your prospects is to never stop adding value to their lives.  Create ads which provide awesome content while on the parallel delivering these content to your subscribers. They will do a great job at sharing these for you; giving you more exposure.

The more value you create, the more you will be seen as the person to go to in your niche. You will be seen as the expert and people will love you.  And you know that people, especially on the internet only buy from people they trust, like or Love. You must become that person.

Well guys, this is what works. This is how successful entrepreneurs make Facebook PPC work. They have this whole system set up and banking on it.  Don’t believe me. So try another way if you wish.

What about if you do not have anything to promote and what if there was a shortcut to implementing that system.

Elite Marketing Pro provides you with all you need to start implementing this system. What it means is, you can start to make money while still learning to create the same system for your own business.

Click here to learn more.


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Apr 13

What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working


Quite often, people working from home get that feeling. Then guilt sets in. This is because, they feel they should be loving every minute of it. Well, it is not the case and you should accept that as a fact.

My aim with this article is to help you get clarity about the actions you must take, hence removing the guilt from choices you make.

Is that ok for you?

If you have or had a job, you may well know that many times we do not feel like it, so what do we do? We go anyway. Yes that’s what we do.

Why did we go anyway? The answer is simple. We could see the consequences very clearly. We knew we wanted to keep that job, for economical reasons or whatever. We could make the whole scenario in our minds and decided we didn’t want that.

Why is this different with home businesses? With our businesses we cannot see the consequences clearly. It is too vague and abstract. Therefore the possible repercussions don’t have an emotional impact. So we tell ourselves, I’ll do it when I’ll feel like it.

This time might never come, because often times, the things we don’t feel like doing are those things which are outside of our comfort zone. So if you are waiting to feel like it, you’ll wait forever.

A mind hack to change that pattern.

What I do is I play tricks to my mind. And I do it in several different ways; one which I share in my article about habit creation.

When I have planned my week and decided on my daily actions, I turn myself into my own employee, with all the stakes involved.

I’ll try to feel how unhappy my boss would be if the job wasn’t done at the end of the week.  I know how unhappy I would be if I gave someone a job to do and they just didn’t do it.

Can you try and feel those things? I am sure this will completely shift the way you look at your daily tasks.

Create balance

While it is of utmost important to work on your business daily – at least during the weekdays – it is also even more important to also consider other important aspects of your life as well; your health, family, friends etc.

Make sure, when you plan your week, to include dedicated times for all the other important aspects as well. Take them as seriously as your business task.

I cannot overstate the importance of this bit. You cannot go through life only working on your business, to finally turn around and find that you are alone. What would be the point?

In a nutshell, do the things you are uncomfortable doing as if you had no choice, but also leave space for the things you enjoy as well.


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